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Benefits from Nature That Everyone Should Know

Ron Lizzi


Available in hardcover (6" x 9"; 192 pages; index) or iPad e-book

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Nature doesn't advertise. So you may be unaware of its power to inspire, teach, and improve your life. Go Outside and Come Back Better: Benefits from Nature That Everyone Should Know shows you that power. It's nature's brochure.

You want memorable, meaningful vacations—more than what the endlessly advertised amusement parks and other entertainment venues offer. Go Outside takes you on a jubilant tour through many of America's best parks in all 50 states. You'll see that you can have unforgettable experiences (“matterdays”) without traveling halfway around the globe. From coastline to canyons, mountains to meadows, there's something for everyone. And it doesn't take lots of money or sweat to reap lifelong benefits.

This book's gorgeous color photos and down-to-earth insight will help you to discover what so many people are missing. Even veterans of the outdoors will appreciate nature's wonders as never before.


Ready to be inspired? Go outside!



★★★★★ Book of the Year Award Finalist “Inspiring readers to explore the outdoors, this stunning photo journal offers a fresh perspective on the pleasures of nature. Go Outside and Come Back Better doesn’t try to be comprehensive. You won’t find an A-Z listing of national parks in these pages. Instead, [Ron Lizzi] offers a sampler of sorts, with images and words to pique your interest in nature and show how your life might improve by spending more time there.”

Foreword Reviews


“Reviewer's Choice. . . . Its stunning imagery is certainly the next best thing to an immediate vacation, and highly recommended especially for armchair travelers!”

—Midwest Book Review

“To appreciate nature, you need to spend time with it. We tend to forget how remarkably beautiful it can be. Ron Lizzi has captured this beauty as well as anyone in his stunning photography and unique writing.”

—Jim Cantore, TV meteorologist for The Weather Channel

“Go Outside and Come Back Better is a tribute to the power our wild places have to inspire and renew us. As Americans, we share some of the most beautiful landscapes on earth in our public lands. Ron Lizzi does a wonderful job of encouraging all of us to enjoy these wild places and the countless benefits they provide.”

—Jamie Williams, President, The Wilderness Society


“Go Outside and Come Back Better reminds us of nature's great benefits to health and spirit. America's parks provide unforgettable experiences ('matterdays') that Ron Lizzi captures in his photos and writing.”

—Fran P. Mainella, 16th director of the National Park Service


★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars) “Go Outside is great. It’s a brilliant summary not only of the wildlife and scenery contained in America’s parks but also of why we all need to take a little bit more time to enjoy nature. It has certainly inspired me to take a trip to the U.S. in the near future and discover some of these special places for myself.”

—Matt Adam Williams, conservationist, writer, wildlife photographer



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